i was thinking about soul eater today and now i REALLY want an anime with dom/sub character pairs where the sub Literally Turns Into A Weapon

characters having the ability to turn into objects has always seemed rly cute to me for some reason tho

except with transformers. theyre cuter as giant robots

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@soft this was the first part of the thread I saw so my first thought on seeing this was the mimics in prey

technically being able to turn into a cup is cute though

@anadice tbh the mimics in prey are super cute!

if they werent trying to kill you, i would say the big guys in prey were also cute tbh

@millenomi @soft pillars of eternity two has this

incidentally the sword likes you and all but she really wants to go back to her original owner, who left her behind for some reason and she wants closure that may or may not take the form of stabbing, we'll play it by ear

@soft noragami 👀

no I dont think this is true tbh but the weapons ARE the social inferiors

@soft there's a primary villain in super Mario rpg that's a sentient sword

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