raised by wolves spoiler spoiler 

this show also has a p good lovestory tho

guy is modifying android weapon to become mother to new unborn human fetuses (they must travel in a ship too small for life support, no grown people on this journey)

android mom starts aggressive but softens over time to him & her new ‘role’ as a mom

she always begs him not to turn her off & leave her alone as he works on her. she has to leave without him & she begs the same way. he archives her memories and kisses her.

raised by wolves spoiler spoiler 

this show could be a lot less straight but 100% its definitely driven by dudes and a lot of the plot is about life, christian-resembling religion, surviving against nature, hoping for their numbers to eventually increase over time (space colonization & new babies)

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raised by wolves spoiler spoiler 

like! this flashback would be just as good if the creator was a chick!!!

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