can you touch your eyeball?

(like, hypothetically, for contact lens purposes i guess)

no one even has to guess which SOFT is. its written on faer face 🥸

@soft I had an offensive lineman who wore thick glasses who couldn't touch his eye, and he would have me put his contacts in on game day. It was very weird lol

@soft where is the option: yes, with great discomfort, after an hour of getting ready and taking a break after a few increasingly frustrating attempts

(i don't wear contacts anymore)

@soft There are a lot of replies between "no sweat" and "fuck no", I can do it but I don't exactly like to

@soft lmao i thought it said "can i touch your eyeball"

@soft I'm closer to "yea, comfortably" but like. its not comfortable but its not painful. slightly dries my eyes out. i dont wear contacts tho, my eyes are perf (tho they will likely not be forever given my family history)

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