this person coming out of a gated community LITERALLY shoved themselves into the middle of traffic and almost got T-boned by me because they couldn’t wait for 2 seconds in a two-lane construction zone.

they didn’t even have the right of way, i am so fucking angry right now. im tired of living adjacent to people that are so fucking full of brain worms that they would rather kill other people than be even mildly inconvenienced.

im at a point where i will just hold my hand on my horn for 30 straight seconds when people do stupid shit like this and that is the ONLY thing that stops them, a sudden and scary noise. god fucking dammit.

@soft I also flash my high beams into their retinas

exaggerated violence 

@soft if I had a dollar for every time some fuck ass pulled out right in front of me from a stopped position, forcing me to either swerve out of the way or slam on the brakes to avoid killing them I could afford a gun by now and never have to deal with those people again

Had someone sit on their horn a few months back when I took slightly longer than normal to get through an intersection in a road repair zone where several lanes were closed.

Some folks just don't seem to understand that cooperation is the name of the game.

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