you would think more people would tip on a holiday, but actually most people did not tip

@soft @spud couple days ago I had a huge seesaw doing gig delivery. Was delivering a pizza to a trucker parked on the side of the highway, and he asked me to grab a 12 pack of beer and he'd give me thirty bucks extra, so that was effectively a $13 tip on top of the 6 he put in the app. Then later I delivered someone two $90 bottles of whisky and and the only tip I received was a reaffirmation that the bourgeoisie are trying to kill us

@spud @soft “i gave thanks. what, you want money, too? pfft, aren't you all on strike for higher wages anyway? you're getting rich off this labor shortage, y'know? i saw it on the teevee. you guys should be tipping me. sheesh”

@binchicken @spud @soft nobody wants to work anymore, which means that even if you're here you don't want to be, and if you think I'm gonna reward that kind of bad attitude you're mistaken

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