i hate that no matter what i’m doing with my free time, it always feels like i could be doing something better so im just constantly passively stressed

me doing knitting or doodling to decompress: but i COULD be READING a BOOK

me reading: but i COULD be CLEANING

me cleaning: but i COULD be learning things for a nEW JOB FIELD


me, thinking all of these things: you know what i’m just going to play video games fuck you

Unsolicited advice 

@soft i felt this way and told my therapist that anything that doesnt make money feels like a waste of time. She told me "pursuit of mastery" is a worthy usage of ones time, even if you're only trying to master wavedashing in smash and whatnot. Try not to diminish your interests, they matter, even if only because they matter to you.

Unsolicited advice 

@Captain i know this lmao

my rent doesnt :’)

i appreciate it anyway. thank you

@soft that is the hustle trap. based in puritanism, we have been taught that our only worth is value creation through labour, therefore anything we enjoy but do not monetize is sin.

you knit? well, have you considered selling it on etsy? you sing? well why aren't you in a band? you like to draw? why don't you do art school?

all of these things are presented to us by well-meaning people who are accidental scolds, who don't understand the cost of labour

@soft sometimes you just have let yourself do a thing because you want to do a thing. self-improvement is bunk. it's like school; it doesn't stick if you force it. sure you could be reading a book but if you don't want to read a book then you're wasting both your time, and the book's time. the book is busy getting that cool book smell.

@binchicken It's also interesting that the whole Calvinist philosophy also ignores the accumulation (not necessarily creation) of wealth through capital accumulation, monopoly commerce, and/or asset inflation.

Which is where most of the great fortunes do in fact come from. Hard work pays modest dividends at best.


@binchicken @soft This. It feels like we have to monetize every little thing of our lives. Like we have to think of our hobbies in terms of marketable skills. I see this thinking everywhere including myself. And I hate it.

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