becoming aware of the fact that i have pretty frequent anxiety attacks has helped me to manage them and also to push past the feeling of “oh god everyone hates me and im gonna die” any time i do ANYTHING

but that still isnt stopping me from on one hand being like “me and my friend are gonna go to the arcade sometime soon :)” and on the other hand being like “oH gOd i have to decide WHEN to go to the arcade and I HAVE TO BE CHILL THERE TOO”


i was reading like, the webmd page for anxiety the other day just because its been a couple years since i actually looked at information about it / coping mechanisms

and like lol literally On the page was like, “Sometimes people with social anxiety experience panic attacks when they know they’re going to be in a social encounter”

and I wAs likE!! THATS ME!!! I DO THAT!!!!!


but also i’ve just been more open about saying shit like “I feel nervous/panicky right now” or just, voicing dumb anxieties when im having conversations with family/friends

and its made coping with them a little better.


@soft Glad you’re getting a handle on it, anyway 💜



@ghost_bird thank you!! me too. 😤💕

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