I’m curious and wanted a temperature check— do y’all still wear masks in public?

@soft I have a fucked up nose so it's hard for me to breathe, since I don't live in a really populated area now that college isn't in session I don't wear it sometimes but most places I do

@soft i think you're dealing with a sample selection problem, if you're looking to see how people in general feel

i really like my mask, it fogs up my glasses

@soft at work I'll wear mine on the salesfloor until the last hour or so of my shift when customers are so thin it's rare I'll be within 15ft of anyone

going anywhere else? I'll walk in wearing a mask, at least

@soft mandatory on public transit. Optional everywhere else, but I still wear it in indoor public areas. Something like 70% of people here do, but it's waning.

@soft outdoors generally no unless it's crowded since all the studies I've seen seem to show transmission is very low in outdoor spaces with good airflow. indoors yes, absolutely always

@soft always, unless I'm inside the car, or outside with a dozen or so feet of distance from others

@soft It depends on the situation. I drive for a living & my glasses fog up no matter what mask I wear. Touching my mask 40+ times a day isn't terribly sanitary. However, if I'm making a delivery to a hospital, Elder care facility, etc., I mask up without question. Most of my deliveries are no contact anyhow, so it's not a big issue.

It helps that I tend to avoid people, keep my distance even before 2020, & wash my hands a dozen times a day. Thus far, I'm yet to catch it. 🤞 my country never properly enforced the mask mandate
and now testing is also practically gone
so i put on a mask if i see someone nearby wearing one if i have one with me, but this is also super rare since the mask mandate was dropped
(no i do not think i made a very rational decision)

@soft Yes, all the time when I'm out and about. I'll even wear one at home if I'm feeling under the weather (I live with my husband and a roommate).

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