getting ready selfies 

accidentally did this cool thing to my hair wtf

enjoy my forehead this is the last you will ever see of it

any time i hear the phrase "in boxes" now all i can think of is this

i'm trying to get better about checking out my vods to slowly improve my stream and

holy SHIT this is a LOOK

food, life hack 

literally just buy these instead of lunchables

not to post a shitton of selfies but im really enjoying these glasses & my hair is giving me eboy vibes rn

gonna stream some kingdom hearts in a few!! gonna kingdom those hearts, finally!

i googled โ€œevil kairiโ€ to see villainous kairi fanart but one of the top results was just a picture of me


i ate these straight off the pan so no one gets to see fancy plating

but its fry-cut zucchinis and some mushrooms in a panko & italian breadcrumb breading with parmesan sprinkled on top

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