mildly interesting digital art thing 

the video doesn’t totally make it apparent but

the head got drawn in between the torso and the arms being drawn. and instead of the undo/redo reflecting that, the head is just permanently there.


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this is the kind of dumb bullshit you think about when you dont have a bedframe 

holy shit usually when i fold up my comforter to use as a floor chair i fold it Exactly into a Rectangle

but today i folded it a little unevenly so the part where my butt goes has a little extra padding and holy Shit comfy!!!

this cute lil ribbon came from a smol stocking stuffer with foot lotion and socks

its the gift that keeps on giving

blood, ec 

cute gothy maidsona!!! picrew used is my last boost 🖤

uncaptioned text, food 

pointing my camera at things to translate might be my new favorite (broken) thing

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