NSFW. garbage, terrible, genitals everywhere 

the more dicks the hotter, right?

eye contact 

putting people first is our LAST priority

on mornings i dont work, i really love being up during sunrise and chilling in low lighting like this

i have an xbox nobody was using in my room n i set up a profile just in case i ever start using it for games (unlikely, its a streaming device) and my avatar is CUTE


any time my fav gets any kind of merchandising i melt tbh


@ItsJenNotGabby !!!! i did!!! the thing!!! my handwriting is very not cute here but i will let you know how it tastes later!!!!


i asked my boss to cut my bangs and she did

my friends in 2013: i have 13k tweets! haha im crazy!!!!!!!!

me in 2013: hahaha!!!! :^))) ( yikes ughhh shortform posting who has time for that many posts, forums are cooler,,, do i even have that many posts on tumblr?)

me in 2020: ive had this instance, what? better part of a year? 22.8K toots

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