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Wendy Peter Pan: PETEHH

Lois Family Guy: PETUHHH

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An oddity in English: "island" and "isle" are unrelated. "Isle" is from Latin (insula), and came into English as "ile" through French. "Island" is Germanic, and was originally "iland". In the 16th century, scholars added the "s" back into "ile" to make it conform more with the Latin original - and people mistakenly started adding it to "iland" as well, creating the modern "island".

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teh public key is what they use to unlock your da's penis cage

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Do you want something to keep in your home to improve your physical and mental health, protect you from harmful rays, magnetic fields, and radio waves? Simple: saint's bones

The bones themselves are only a small initial fee to confirm them as blessed on the blockchain

For your safety and comfort we recommend a reliquary, starting at only $25,000

If you need more help please consider upgrading to an ossuary valued at $1M+, you can't put a price on your family's happiness

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observing how time passes only gets weirder as you observe more time passing


anxiety attacks are great because itโ€™s always โ€œeverything is going to blow up in your face and everyone hates you! enjoy! :>โ€

love too be incredibly anxious it FUCKING slaps bro

somehow the donut shop being so busy that we almost completely sell out of donuts is waaay more painful than having lots of donuts late in the day

SOFT is going to be a character and she is going to LIVEEE (probably not :>)

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im gonna download n play oregon trail tonight

gimme 4 names to give the characters? yours or a made up one, anything

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'fit pic, Goodwill run, ec 

Got these leggings and dress plus a bunch of other fun new stuff today ๐Ÿ˜œ


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farming simulator 22 voice

i'm sowing, this whips


I'm reaping! this also whips!

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been thinking lately about how i dont really draw anymore


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you have to buy so many games to get all the story that it's like findom hearts

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top 10 photography tips (misinfo) 

1. point the lens at the thing you wish to shoot
2. the m on the little program dial? stands for macdonalds
3. exposure is a triangle, and rhythm is a dancer
4. the best photographers spend 10k on gear and then never go out to shoot
5. you can fuck the camera
6. 50mm focal length is always good all the time, i will not tell you what crop factor is or why this might fuck you
7. bokey

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